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 Nashville-based guitarist Ryan Casey has cultivated and mastered his craft as a guitar player and musician since first picking up the guitar at age 9. In over a decade of playing guitar Ryan has experience in live performance, studio recording and private education. Ryan began performing as the guitarist in a cover band learning and playing 4 hours of material a night emulating the styles of Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Boston, Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd and many more. In 2012 Ryan began his own private studio teaching guitar students from all levels and all age groups. In 2018 Ryan graduated from Belmont University's School of Music having studied with world class professionals in the music industry.


  Upon moving to Nashville Ryan as had the opportunity to play at some of the most historic and popular venues in Nashville including Exit In, Historic War Memorial Auditorium, The Local, Phat Bites, Rocket town, and Natchez Hills Winery. As an active session guitar player Ryan has also had the opportunity to play in many different studios across town including, Brown Owl Studios, Colombia Studio A, Yellow Hammer Studios, and The Hilson Studio. In 2017 Ryan became in house, session guitarist for JBO Production company, recording on dozens of live sessions. 


   Ryan is guitarist for touring/recording artist Paulina Jayne, Beth White, and Tiffany Woys. In the summer of 2017 Ryan was employed by Carowinds Amusement park as a member of their house band and in 2018 Ryan was given a two month residency to play as a featured solo guitar player on Mackinac Island at the world famous Grand Hotel. 


“In Nashville it’s hard to be special. To be a stand-out guitarist you have to stand in a long line.

Ryan is one of the new players in town that has the chops and the work ethic to make a career of six strings.”

   -Trey Bruce 


"Ryan is one of the most hardworking students I have ever had. He is always prepared and constantly hungers for a deeper and deeper understanding of the guitar and seeks to further his musicianship every time he picks up the instrument."

   -Nick Palmer


"Ryan Casey is a rarity in the music business. Not only is he one of the most talented guitarist I've ever played with, but he also has an understanding for the industry, creative insight and a sweet soul. I'm blessed to have him."

  -Paulina Jayne


"Ryan ROCKS! He has what a LOT of what the other guys don't: all the talent PLUS a tireless work ethic and professionalism. As a producer, I've been using Ryan for about a year, and EVERY SINGLE project we do he delivers exactly what I'm looking for with just a few notes of direction. Whether he's tracking in the studio or it's a project I hire him to do remotely, Ryan's playing is always tasteful, technically perfect, and very musical every single time. Plus you will not find a nicer, more professional player of his calibre to work with. Flat out, Ryan is a producer's dream guitarist!"

-JBO Production CEO, Jeff Bohannon

"Ryan has not only proven to be a fantastic guitarist, but he has proven to be a friend, mentor and anything you may need in between. He always goes above and beyond whether its with preparation for a rehearsal or show, making charts for the band, or playing on a track. Ryan is easy to work with, punctual, receptive, hard working and efficient and is always open to feedback. DO NOT HESITATE to hire Ryan as your guitarist. If you're looking for a talented guitarist who is versatile and has a knack for transforming his sound into your vision, you have found your guy!"

-Beth White

"Ryan is a very professional player. He comes to a studio prepared with different guitar lines to choose from - all of which are smooth and fill the spaces that the song calls for. He sticks to his parts and plays on time, but he'll also decorate a song with simple licks and fills that end up acting as ear-candy. Ryan is a great player and I will definitely be reaching out the next time I am looking for a guitarist."

-Harris Owens, Nashville Mix Engineer

"I was acquainted with Ryan through a friend of mine in searching for a guitarist for a portion of an original song. Not only did he nail the recording by providing his own interpretation of what I needed from him, he was professional, patient, and receptive. He is also a humble human being, going the extra mile to be the best he can be for the client and for himself. Ryan is a true talent and a versatile instrumentalist who can deliver pretty much any genre of music, truly a musical gem in the melting pot known as Music City. My company and I can't wait to work with him again."

-Bryard Huggins

"Ryan is an exceptional guitar player! He's punctual, thoughtful, and cares about the project. Killer tone, I've used him twice now and each time I'm impressed. Definitely would recommend him to any of you!"

-Andrew Tullos

Ryan did an AMAZING JOB!!!!!! Great communication, he really listens to really get what your wanting. He hit it out of the Park! I will def be sending more work to Ryan.

-Sean G, Sound Better Client

Ryan delivered and I love what he does to my track, he added the exact flavor. Very easy collaborating! Reliable. Thanks for your work.

-Joerg H, Sound Better Client

Great guitarist! Recreated my arrangement effortlessly! Great communication and very easy to work with! Definitely would recommend him for any session work you need done!

-Mark. Sound Better Client

Ryan did a great job playing on my song. In addition, he had a very fast delivery time, a great attitude and was very professional. Super easy to work with. Solid player.

-Nick G, Sound Better Client

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